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Principles of African Relationship Bliss:

Balance of African Culture and Westernization...

As Africans living in the Diaspora we’ve become acclimated to the Western standard of living in terms of the food, culture and lifestyle. However, like most African singles far away from home; we often yearn to connect with fellow singles who share similar cultural backgrounds and beliefs.
However, we noticed that it was extremely difficult to find a central place specifically dedicated to Africans here in the US wishing to connect with potential mates in other parts of the world. This lack of a readily available social medium catalyzed the creation of USLuvConX.com.
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Meet and Chat with Beautiful Professional Africans

African beauty has been hailed the world over for centuries. Now you can connect with Beautiful African singles living all over the world. Meet and chat with Beautiful Black women from Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia, Gabon, Nigeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Zambia and other parts of the continent now.
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Traditional African Culture

Africans are the most educated immigrant population in the US, controlling over $50 Billion in consumer buying power, according to studies conducted by the Black Journal of Education and the US -African Chamber of Commerce.
However, stringent traditions and deep-seated moral values and beliefs, make it difficult for Africans to overlook specific cultural expectations and norms and venture out into unfamiliar territories.
In the past, Africans have been deterred from finding love on their own, due to cultural stigmas associated with casual dating. Traditionally, African romance was underscored by protracted courtships, deference to a woman’s parent’s and paying a nominal bride price or dowry for a woman’s hand in marriage. While times have changed, a majority of these elements still exist in African culture today.
USLuvConX 7 Principles of Relationship Bliss® is firmly rooted in a universal set of African beliefs, morals and traditions, which are generally crucial to the likelihood and sustenance of a relationship with an African person.

Our Philosophy

Simply stated USLuvConX takes the guesswork out of finding that special someone to suit your cultural, traditional, and personal preference. Our approach is simple, realistic, and tailored around our time-tested 7 Principles of relationship bliss®.
Once a Registrant has set-up their preliminary profile and taken our compatibility quiz, our system will narrow down the hundreds of candidates into three highly selected groups of candidates, re-structure their profiles, and carefully match them with candidates whom best suit their profiles and unique preferences.

Elements to finding True LOVE

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The network outweighs everything that comes with a normal dating site as it features are second to none and offers users ample opportunities to meet-up with target partners either in for friendship, dating and even leading engagements and marital commitments.
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